The Reason I Won’t Wear the Polar V800 as My Day-to-Day Watch (and other annoyances)

The main reason: The Polar V800 ignores iOS’ “Do Not Disturb” mode for notifications.  That is a complete deal breaker.

Other things that annoy me:

– When syncing from your phone, it can take a while (minutes, hours?) to sync the map data to Polar Flow Web (it still hasn’t from yesterday… so who knows if it ever will — I remember this being an issue last time I had a Polar watch too)

– With the Polar V800, you can’t acquire GPS signal if you are moving.  I’m sure this is with good intentions, to get the best GPS signal, but no other brand does it and it is EXTREMELY annoying.

– I’m not sure if it’s my cable, my V800, or my computer (or some combination therein), but I have the most difficult time getting it to sync with Polar FlowSync on the computer with a USB cable.  It works about 2% of the time.

– The V800 randomly (quietly) chirps with no indicators/notifications on the screen

– Coming from Suunto/Garmin, the “Start” button is not also the “Pause/Stop” button, but in fact the “Lap” button.  I’m pretty sure every time I’ve used a Polar M400/V800, I’ve hit the “Lap” button at the end of an activity before actually pausing/ending it with the “Back” button.

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