Week 3: Running is luxury

As I was running home yesterday on my lunch hour from work, I came to a realization that, while not that surprising, had never really occurred to me:  running, especially in the heart of winter, is a luxury.

My run from work on St Paul to home in Corn Hill takes me straight through Downtown Rochester.  I ran past so many people bundled up waiting at bus stops, drudging to/from work through snow in 5°F.  Yet here I was, wearing (semi) expensive running clothes, $120 trail running shoes, and a GPS watch, voluntarily running outside purely because I felt like it.  I had always thought about running outside in the cold as a testament to my dedication.. not as a badge of being able to afford to do so.

Just as I was feeling bad running past the bus stops, I passed a church that had free bread out front on a table.  A few blocks later, a meals on wheels truck was parked outside a housing complex.  Not only can some many people not afford the proper attire to run outside in the middle of winter, some don’t even have enough food to live.. let alone exercise for fun.

This post isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad.

I just need to remember that whenever I’m having an especially shitty run and the cold, bitter wind is blowing in my face, I should be happy that I am simply able to do it.

Week of 1/13:

M – 1
T – 1
W – 6.1
T – 4.2
F – 3.2
S – 11.8
S – 1
Weekly Total: 33.2

Overall Total: 89miles

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