Week 2: My first full week at it

Week of 1/6:

M – 2
T – 2
W – 5.8
T – 4.5
F – 1
S – 8.1
S – 5.6
Total: 29.1

This was my first full “Monday to Sunday” week of running everyday.  It’s sort of strange to reset my brain to a “rest” day being only 1 or 2 miles.  This weeks weather was pretty crazy, ranging from -4°F last Monday/Tuesday all the way to Saturday being in the 50’s.  I am still working to get back into my prime training mode.  I can barely keep a 8:00min/mile pace without getting wicked tired after a few miles.. as opposed to my first half marathon last April where I ran 13.1 miles at a 7:30min/mile pace.  Le sigh.  I will get there!


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