Week 1: Test of Spirits (and my ability to not freeze and/or fall on ice)

This was an interesting week to start an (outdoor) running streak.

Here is a brief summary of the weather the past 7 days:


No.  Furreals.  The high was 4 today.  4°F.  When I ran after work tonight it was -19°F with windchill.  Wowza.

I didn’t get the mileage I was hoping for this week, but I also had taken 2 weeks off prior to New Years… kicking off some rust.  Or something.

1/1 – 4
1/2 – 2
1/3 – 2
1/4 – 10
1/5 – 2
1/6 – 2
1/7 – 2
Total: 24 miles

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